Pictures speak a 1,000 words so take a look...


ALbany, Bahammas

Scope : Application of ShoreLock Technology to 2800 feet of coastline at the exclusive Albany Development Nassau


  • Historically eroding shoreline stabilized 
  • Accretion of several hundred cubic yards of marine sand since commencement 
  • Shoreline remains stable



Iberostar Resort, Jamaica

Scope : Removal of aggregate underlying beach. Application of ShoreLock Technology to 300 feet of coastline.  


  • Severely eroding shoreline stabilized 
  • Beach immediately accreted natural marine sand following treatment 
  • No outside sand dredged or brought on to property
  • Sandy beach width increased 15-20 feet



Hurricane Hanna & IKE

In September of 2008, Hanna a Category 3 hurricane stopped over Middle Caicos for 72 hours decimating the island, four days later Ike a Category 4 hurricane passed over the same spot. Only days before the first storm hit, this test beach was treated with ShoreLock. The test beach not only withstood the storm, it actually accreted sand and stabilized the treated beach while neighboring beaches were completely washed out.