ShoreLock was founded with a can-do spirit and a lofty objective: To protect and restore critically eroding coastlines around the globe. 

The problem is simple, beaches are eroding and what we are doing now to protect them isn’t working. Dated methods lead to the same results costing taxpayers millions and often the at expense of the marine environment, so we set out to see what we could do to change that.

As it turns out, the solution was really simple once we started thinking outside of the box. What if we used the ocean to stop the very problem it was creating? We explored water’s relationship to erosion and what we found was a simple, yet effective way to use nature to slow the process.

Mother nature liked what we had to offer, our first pilot location was hit by two hurricanes back to back and the beach not only held up, it actually accreted sand. After that we set our sights on a critically eroding beach and that outperformed our first test growing almost 20 feet in depth and adding an astounding 18” in elevation! Project after project, ShoreLock has transformed properties and sustainably offered an alternative to purchasing and dumping sand on the beach.

Over the past 8 years we’ve studied, collaborated, monitored, checked and re-checked ShoreLock and are confident we’ve found an environmentally safe, pro-active piece of the coastal protection puzzle.

Sustainable technology is no longer a lofty goal, it’s a requirement to protect the planet we live on and we firmly believe we can help solve one of the greatest global problems of our time.